Gin Punch | Gin & Apple Pie
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Gin & Apple Pie

Gin & Apple Pie

Hi, I’m Neil and you’re watching

Today’s cocktail is the Gin and Apple Pie So let’s go through the ingredients: First of all, the base gin. This is Melissa from Warner Edwards and it’s a savory lemon balm gin. This is brand new to the market and is now on our website and features in our pop-up bars and GinTubes. Then we go on to our apple juice. We support local producers and Maynards House are here in Suffolk. Clive Williamson who runs that orchard, his grandfather actually brought the first Kidd’s Orange Red sapling over from New Zealand in the 1930’s and they’re still farming that variety now. It’s got a fantastic pungent and sweet taste to it so it’s great as a mixer. We then go on to our top-up which is the Fentimans bitter lemonade. This tops the whole cocktail off at the end. So the first thing we do is we mix our base gin, our Melissa gin, with ¼ to ½ a small teaspoon of cinnamon depending on your tastes. Once again, make sure you chill your glass well first. So the first thing to do is take our Melissa lemon balm gin, take a measure of that (single/double, depending on your mindset at the time;) into the shaker like that. We then add our ¼ small teaspoon of cinnamon. That goes in, and then we give that a shake and mix the cinnamon in with the gin. We then add our apple juice into the glass. Two measures of that. We pour our mixed gin and cinnamon on top, then we top up with ourFentimans bitter lemonade. And we finish off finally with a quick stir with a cinnamon stick. And there you have it, the Gin and Apple Pie. It just tastes of apple pie! Cheers!

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