Gin Punch | Gin officially worlds best selling spirit
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Gin officially worlds best selling spirit

Gin officially worlds best selling spirit

Gin takes four positions in top ten world ranking

In a recent report by Drinks International Gins’ top brands of Tanqueray, Beefeater, Bombay and Hendricks attained 1st, 3rd, 5th & 9th respectively.

Some bars around the world appear to have certain ‘incentives’ to use certain brands and there are obviously financial reasons with profitability and sponsorship packages.

That aside, international bar men and women also have their own reasons.

“It helps that Gin is in”, Lui Bar in Melbourne Australia informed the report. “We sell a lot of Gin cocktails, with Tanqueray10 as our house pour”.

Linje Tio from Stockholm stocks best selling brands Tanqueray, Havana Club, Absolut and Jamesons and said “This is what we pour. If we put them in a cocktail that’s on the menu, it increases sales”.

Conversely, at Little Red Door in Paris, Beefeater is the best selling Gin but it’s not down to finances. “We pick our spirits for their taste, not because of contacts of any kind, which gives us a lot of freedom in what we do”.

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