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Half Hitch Gin

Half Hitch Gin

HALF HITCH Bottle & Knot

Tinctures and distillates are made in our Micro-Distillery in West Yard, Camden Lock. This time-intensive heritage craft is combined with modern day vacuum distillation – the latter preserves delicate flavours by being able to lower the ingredients’ boiling points. The resulting blends are layered and then further blended with a copper pot still gin which results in the 40% abv Distilled Gin.

HALF HITCH® uses the finest single estate, Malawian Black Tea & Calabrian Bergamot – and an additional complement of English wood, pepper and hay. The whole leaf tea blend is from different harvests, fields and tea varietals across the estate. The key ingredient of Black Tea is re-blended each season to achieve the optimum flavour and keep consistency and requires the art of expert blending not the replication of a simple recipe. The citrus Bergamot, a natural cross between a bitter orange and a lemon, is from ancient citrus groves in Calabria, Southern Italy.

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