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Gin Punch
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by Tracy Kerr on Gin Punch

We visited the GinPunch stand at our local show and today, in the sunshine, we met up with friends and did a taster session of all the different gins we chose. We loved having the opportunity to choose a variety of different flavours from the 100ml bottles.

Interestingly, both boys went for the premium Cucumber gin and the ladies went for the Strawberry & Black Pepper and the Rhubarb gin.

We mixed the gin with the Double Dutch tonic which we also purchased from GinPunch.

We all loved the tonic and felt it complimented the gins without over powering them.

No.1 for us was the Cucumber gin. We felt it was like a sexy Hendricks gin. The cucumber smell and taste was lovely and refreshing.

The Strawberry & Black Pepper gin smelt great but lost a little of the strawberry flavour when mixed with the tonic. It still went down very well non-the-less.

The Rhubarb gin was an acquired taste. On the whole, we felt it tasted best neat over ice.

We’re looking forward to more gin tasting sessions soon!

The Kerr’s, the Kelly’s and a visiting Aussie.