Gin Punch | The ‘Gin Off’ Competition
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The ‘Gin Off’ Competition

The ‘Gin Off’ Competition

The ‘Gin Off’ is a new development in London that pits all the artisan Gin brands against each other via the expertise of the dynamic cocktail mixologists who devise, prepare and serve their chosen Gin cocktail to a very fickle general audience whom have to vote at the end of the event.

The Gin cocktail ‘World Cup’ started back in April this year and was the brainchild of the manager at the Graphic Bar in Golden Square, Soho, London.

Working much like a football draw and knockout competition, the Gin brands were drawn to compete head-to-head on various weekends throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn and culminated in the final on the chilly night of 23rd November 2015.

Martin Millers Gin which hails, in part, from Warley near Birmingham and Jensen’s Gin, from the Bermondsey distillery in South London came through each draw as victors and were now face-to-face at the Graphic bar.

Both teams played the crowds well and the mixologists behind the bar were worked hard, fighting for each and every vote through a two hour period of shouting, screaming, dancing and a fierce DJ set.

There would be only one ‘Gin Off’ winner and on the night of 23rd November 2015, the winner was Martin Miller’s Gin.

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